Businesses with a Mission

We carry books, music, and art. In the future, we will carry a variety of gift items and artistic treasures.

We are part of Businesses with a Mission, and a percentage of everything we sell is donated to 

The Guy V. Lewis Impact Initiative

Column Styling

Full control of each column styling (font, color, backgroung image, video, slider, and overlay).

Image Background

Video Background

Slider Background


Books, Music, Art


Optional custom Portfolio post type with post filter


Display blog posts in various layouts


Highlighted Features

[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] Split Scrolling
[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] Column Styling
[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] Transparent Header
[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] Portfolio
[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] WooCommerce
[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] Infinite scroll & masonry layouts
[themify_icon icon=”fa-check” style=”large”] Animated page loader effect

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